Tom's Internship at a Dive Company

In January 2013, I finally got an approval from my university in Holland and the approval from the dive company to start my final internship in Bali. One month later I stepped in the plane to start my 6 month experience in the far East. I was very excited as I had been to Bali before a couple of years ago and I couldn't wait to be back in paradise!

As promised Bali Internships had sent Made to pick me up from the airport and bring me to my first home in Bali, which had also already been pre-arranged for me! It was nice start-off and to live in the student house in the beginning. By living here, I made new friends very quickly and they showed me the roads and helped me get used to the way of living in Bali.

"My host company's staff made me feel at home from day 1."

Overall I'm very happy with the internship I had performed and the flexibility in my working hours were very pleasant! I had never worked before in the diving industry and it was also my first time experience working for a Marketing department. Thanks to the personal help of my director, I feel have learned a lot in the previous months. I now even have the opportunity to go back to Bali and possibly get a full-time job for the company! I would definitely recommend this company to other students looking for an internship in Bali!

"I can easily say that my 6 months internship in Bali was one of the best experiences in my life."

Now I'm back in my home country and I can easily say that my 6 months internship in Bali was one of the best experiences in my life. The Balinese people are by far the friendliest people i have ever met, and their culture and beliefs interests me a lot. Sitting on the beach with your feet in the sand, drinking an ice cold Bintang after work whilst watching the sun go down is unbeatable!

An internship isn't a vacation and therefore I still had to work 5 days a week, however I made sure that I could see and do as much as I could in my free time. I travelled to the neighbouring islands of Lombok, Nusa Lembogan, Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida and the Gili islands. There is so much to see in Indonesia so I would recommend to take a boat/ferry/plane anything you can afford and go travel! Next to travelling I surfed several times a week and went diving as much as I could! All in all I have made memories that I shall never forget and I have made many new friends who I hope to see in the future again somewhere! Bali is amazing, just watch out for the crazy traffic! ;)

One last "Thank you" to Bali Internships for making this happen!

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