16 Weeks Internship in Luxury Resort Complex in Seminyak, Bali

"As an intern, I learned the basic knowledge of how the hotel industry works, it helped me a lot as a beginner in my study" Tereza, Commerce Management, ZIBAT, Campus Naestved, Denmark

Good opportunity to learn

I did a four-month internship at the Luxury Resort Complex located in the lively area of Seminyak. At this company, I feel that all employees including interns were treated like business partners, communication is definitely a key to be able to understand the company's goal. Currently, I am at the beginning of my study and I realize how much I need to learn the basic knowledge of the hospitality industry. I think this internship is good for young students as myself especially beginners, so one can learn slowly without any pressure.

My activities as a Sales and Marketing intern…

I started learning a lot since my first day of internship, the employees and the people around me are really welcoming as they were patiently teaching me as they knew that I am still new in the work environment. But still, we need to be the one who take the initiative to ask first if we feel there is something difficult to understand and they will gladly explain it to us.

My daily activities as a sales and marketing intern are preparing documents for the Director of Sales Marketing, preparing rate checks, analyzing sales to compare competitor prices and offers, putting reservations into the. Other than doing sales job, I was also responsible for the resorts’ several property brands of social media. I did some work on maintaining and expanding the social media presence by creating interesting content.

I love my office, I felt comfortable and appreciated for my work. I felt like I was really part of the team. My internship experience for the past 4 months has certainly really taught me a lot from being in an international work environment and team, to how to integrate and connect with new culture and mostly different individuals around me. At the end of my internship, it became clearer of what kind of work and career I want to focus more in the future, for my future.

Glad for choosing Bali for my internship abroad experience

The best thing about my internship is I can travel during the weekends and explore the beautiful island. I feel that this is like the best and happiest time so far, as I have met interesting, friendly new friends from around the world to share my time with. But there is one thing that I won't miss from my stay in Bali that was when I was unlucky and got robbed otherwise, I have just good memories and will visit Bali again as soon as possible!

For future interns

Despite the unpaid internship, as all internships are in Indonesia. that was fine by me as the amount of lesson I have learned, experience I gained and mentorship I was given were equally paid me off. Don’t be afraid of challenges or new tasks or experience because you will positively get a proper explanation during your first weeks of training in the internship. Interns mostly need to be creative and thinking outside the box, an open mind, communication skills, English speaking, and a strong writing talent are some of the resources interns shall possess.

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