My Internship in Bali's Leading Legal and Business Consulting Firm

"An internship in Indonesia teaches you a lot about cultural differences." Annika, Technical Management, University of Applied Science, Cologne, Germany

Learning about a foreign culture through an internship

There are many ways to spend your time in Bali, one of the opportunity is to do an internship. An internship in Indonesia teaches you a lot about cultural differences in working practices and corporate governance.

My main task as an intern of this consulting company is to support foreigners who are about to open a business in Bali. By doing an internship in a local company, I have the opportunity to learn more about the locals from their lifestyle, community, culture, and many more. Over the time I recognize the differences between Balinese or Indonesian with German or European; from how they work to how they enjoy life.

Facts about my work as an intern

My working day starts at 8:00 am. Compared to many other Balinese companies, my host company take punctuality seriously. What also seems kind of untypical is the length of the working day because nobody leaves the office before 5:00 pm.

The company is divided into various departments. In addition to the Property, Corporate, Accounting and Visa Department, there are HR, Finance, Marketing and IT, as an intern, I usually work in the Marketing department, if there are client meetings I am allowed to attend and I gained new experiences from it. In my office, an employee will be given a uniform as soon as they work in the company for half a year. For each day of the week, there is a shirt in different colors, except on Friday when employees are free to choose what they wear. Quite popular are colorful clothes with the traditional Batik print.

I noticed there is quite a European influences in this company which is deliberately strengthened by the management. Consequently, it is ensured that most of the internal communication is in English. Each week on Wednesday, all employees attend a meeting to talk about their activities and progress over the past week. In general, my host company holds open-mildness with its employees.

The working atmosphere

The working atmosphere in the open-plan office is relaxed and extremely friendly. Also, my colleagues are friendly, so there is always have a cheerful mood at work. The office is located in Sanur on the east coast of Bali. The community of Sanur is known for its mix of local and international immigrant families. Therefore, Sanur is a popular but rather quiet place to live. At the holiday season, Sanur is a popular tourist destination because of its relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful beach.

I have lived in Bali for 3 months but in the future, I would plan to stay even longer and I had a great time that I will never forget with many good experiences and wonderful new friends.

Recommendation for future interns

If you want to do an internship in Indonesia, I recommend applying for a ‘Social-and-Culture Visa’ as this will allow you a longer stay without a Visa-Run. The company acts in this case as a sponsor which is necessary to obtain such a visa.

Even if you work full time during the week, you have the chance to explore the island on the weekend. Bali and its neighboring islands offer numbers of diversified landscapes. In addition to numerous cliffs and sandy beaches, you will find mountains, lush green rice fields, and waterfalls. If you are planning to be in Indonesia for a longer time you can clearly see the change of the seasons, the dry season and the rain season. When rain season starts in November, you only have to expect a few clouds and rainfall in the night. This turns into rainy days and reaches its peak in January and the dry season starts in March.

Overall, I can highly recommend you to get help from Bali Internships to do an internship in Bali. Once you set your foot in Bali, I guarantee you will not want to leave this beautiful island.

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