12 Weeks Internship in Hospitality Management College in North Bali

“I cannot believe that all of the wonderful things that you should not miss are in Bali!” Maywadee, Business English, International College Uttaradit Rajabhat University, Thailand

My intension

I really cannot believe my 4 months’ internship in the paradise island has come to an end. I started my internship search back in September 2017, knowing that I will receive my degree on May 2018, I have set my plan to experience internship abroad, and Bali was my dream internship destination. My internship application process was smooth and went well until my internship starts on early this year. Based on my Business English major, it was my plan to come to Bali and co-teach this Hospitality Management College in North Bali.

I have prepared my lessons and materials to share with its students mainly about learning English, Thai as well as some important knowledge about hospitality industry in Thailand. I saw this opportunity to be a mutual and benefiting experience, as I am from Koh Samui, a beautiful island similar to Bali, and it was my idea to share my knowledge about tourism, culinary and culture with the students in the college where my internship is held.

My daily routine as an intern...

I started learning a lot since my first day, the students were funny and the people I worked with were nice and helpful. I was not certain of what to expect when I first arrived for my internship in this village, but now 4 months later I would definitely recommend the experience.

My daily routine was going to the college at 8.00 AM from Monday to Friday, having breakfast with the teachers in charge. Began to conduct teaching in the classroom, I was responsible for regular English lectures, small group activities and hands-on learning activities and finally creating classroom environment. I would finish my schedule at 5.00 PM. And when I needed to and assigned to, I would need to do some corrections for the students homework at home. Finally, my day ended with getting myself prepared for the lessons for the next day.

My time during my internship and outside of my work have given me the opportunity to learn more about myself and my own abilities as well as my inner work ethics. I enjoyed my internship in Bali very much and now I have an extremely valuable experience to bring home.

It's all about the people you meet!

The people I met in Bangli were very kind and friendly, they were excited to talk to me, maybe because I am a foreigner who has Balinese face haha. I also have traveled to many different locations across Bali, which is amazing. I have seen and visited many waterfalls, wonderful rice terrace, beaches and volcano.

I cannot believe that all of wonderful things that you should not missed are in Bali!

I have learnt an awful lot while I did my internship, I would recommend the Bali Internships if you have a passion for learning new culture and getting to know yourself better, it is definitely a good experience interning abroad and the team were great and helpful! My life in Bali was easier because I got my private alarm named Rifka! Thank you Laura, Rifka, Rima and Larissa, thank you so much Bali Internships!

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