My 2 Months Internship at a Sustainable Transportation and Tour Company in Canggu

“Not only have I learned so much about Marketing & Sales, but I have also done a lot of soul searching & global thinking” Jacqueline, University of Hartford, Connecticut, USA

What my internship taught me

I am so grateful for my Internship with Bali Internships because it has taught me so much and shaped me into a better version of myself. I really believe that participating in this internship brought me to the right place and that right time to teach me valuable lessons that I needed to learn. Not only have I learned so much about marketing and sales, but I have also done a lot of soul searching and global thinking. I feel really motivated and inspired from this experience and cannot wait to keep my momentum going.

My placement was lovely, I enjoyed the tasks and the people I was working with.

Sometimes working on the weekends was the only downfall that really bothered me. I never had any work days off, unlike some of my other Bali Internships friends. Other than that, the work place was a very nice place to be. I felt comfortable, heard and appreciated. By the end of my time I felt like I was really part of the team.

I have learned a lot about myself, like I enjoy taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone. I know that the little things matter a lot in a company, like wearing closed toed shoes, or asking good questions in a meeting. I know how important first impressions are and how saying goodbye to everyone every day before leaving the office. If someone offers you coffee, accept the offer! Little things really add up.

Being really involved in the culture is so rewarding and makes it hard to say goodbye when the time is up.

Being in Bali, I enjoyed being able to say I am on a volunteer work visa, instead of just a tourism visa. It gave me so much more respect, especially with the locals. Of course just being on holiday would be amazing too, but it’s so much better to get involved when you travel to a country.

One thing that I will not miss when I am back home is working for no pay! I am in a position in my life where I would rather be working to save than working for volunteer. Sometimes I lost motivation to get up every morning and go to the office knowing that it is solely volunteer. I truly gave a lot of time and effort, and had to miss out of a lot of things because of my work schedule. But on the other hand, this is good for me because it kept a nice structure for my stay.

For future interns...

Interns should focus mainly on marketing strategy and creative content development. There are always things that can be done to help a company when it comes to marketing. Mostly being creative and thinking outside the box. An open mind, communication skills, English speaking, and a strong writing talent are some of the resources interns shall possess.

Did you get inspired by Jacqueline's story?