Internship at the Starling Conservation Center, Bali

"More than just a bird keeper, I was involved bird conservation data collector and educational team socializing the importance of starling bird population." Tereza, Natural & Cultural Heritage Management, University College of Northern Denmark

About my internship

During my 20 weeks internship period, I had the possibility to see how a non-profit organization and conservation is formed – stuff organization, internal communication, relationships and work climate. I had the chance to see how each department makes decisions related to various aspects and **how the delivery of the education and creation of awareness between the local people is important and often challenging. **

My work at the conservation

My task when assisting the foundation's teaching program, is to make an educational garden design and plan for various school gardening projects, taking a part in field trips which teaches children about environmental issues and their management and protection of animals and their habitat, collaborated with the marketing and media team to promote the NGO's Social Media, contributing with newsletter articles for the official website, assist and monitored at the Breeding and Release center, collecting data of the conditions of birds.

I observed the birds' behavior, their living conditions and giving them affection so they could feel the love and care from the bird-keepers. Also, my personal development was reached during writing and completing Gardening Modules for students. I quickly realized the difference in thinking and writing the preparations in English still keeping in the mind that these activities will be conducted for Indonesian kids.

For me, the most challenging task was gardening projects. This was often challenged me to require good preparation and personal education during my free time (due to climate, crops differences, etc.). Another good skill that I was obtained was during work with bamboo, I just knew it is very strong and multifunctional material to work with!

My gratitude...

I have even learned to appreciate drinking water even more and realized how much tourism has changed this beautiful island. The time I have spent in Bali was amazing! I am super thankful for this experience.

Friendship with Indonesian colleagues was certainly built and created something that will last and stay close by our hearts. I have learned about how conservation effort at the Breeding and Release Center has made me being able to better understand how many aspects are forming functional conservation and how important is to help and protect those who cannot defend themselves.

Throughout my internship, I had the possibility to see different breeders and teachers within the different education system and conditions. I had the chance to cooperate with the team, create and leave with a piece of the work behind. I really do hope that young students will use this opportunity to learn more about conservation. Thanks to this foundation!

Suggestion for the future interns

New interns should be able to plan and have a creative mindset. New ideas regarding the teaching programs are always welcomed. If you have any specific or favorite teaching tools do not hesitate to bring it to them with you.

Definitely should bring your own computer, some notebook and office supplies. Neither glass or cup here so brings your reusable water bottle with you every day, gallon with drinking water is available in the office and breeding center. Do not forget to bring mosquito repellent everywhere especially while bird monitoring in the jungle!

If you want to spend the time with young students and have a mutual understanding I would highly recommend to start learning the basics of the Indonesian language. Students know some words in English but that is often not enough.

Did you get inspired by Tereza's story?