Videos, Interviews and other Stories from Bali

There are many reasons to pick up your camera and tape a cool video. It is our aim to grasp all what a stay in Bali is about, with all its diverse, inspiring and mind-blowing stories. We believe, that every volunteer and intern develops an own story within his or her project. Hence, we actually need to produce hundreds and hundreds of videos, as each and every one has a story which is worth to share. But of course, to keep it neat, we only present a few of them here. Enjoy watching!

Interns in Bali

Volunteers in Bali

Volunteer Project Vocational High School

Our voluneer program at the Vocational High School on Bali gives you the opportunity to work at a local High School and have an impact on the education of the students.

Turtle Conservation Volunteer Program

Help at the voluteer program in the Turtle Conservation Center in Bali. Be part of the team and support the local staff.

Volunteer Project Primary School Ubud

Our volunteer program on Bali at the Primary School in Ubud gives you the opportunity to work with children alongside the local teachers.

Volunteer Project Karangasem

One of our volunteer programs on Bali is at the children's home at Karangasem. Be part of the community and share moments with the children.

Orphanage Project Bali

This video is to give future volunteers a first impression of the orphanage in Bali. 

Volunteer and Internships in Bali

No matter what is you motivation to visit Bali, we will find the internship project for you. 

Interview Orphanage Karangasem

Two volunteers have been interviewed in the orphanage in Karangasem, Bali. They describe their daily tasks.

Interview Pre-School Kerobokan

The interview of the two volunteers gives all future volunteers a good Impression. They volunteer English teaching in a pre-school in Kerobokan, Bali.

Daily Tasks in the Primary-School

In his interview mixed German-Indonesian volunteer Kevin tells us more about his daily tasks in the pre-school.