Volunteer Placement Fee & Service

Our service for your volunteer in Bali includes the active support during the preparation stage and throughout the time of your volunteering. We make sure, that the volunteer stay in Bali is beneficiary and sustainable for both parties, the participant and the host organization or institution. At the same time, we try to keep the fees transparent and as affordable as possible for you. You exactly know what you pay for, no hidden costs!


All programs attract a registration fee of 75 EURO, which is not part of the program fee below. This fee is not refundable according to our terms and conditions.

What the registration fee covers:

  • Dedicated support & advice from our program coordinator
  • Skype interview with our program coordinator
  • Detailed information booklet about the volunteer program
  • Get connected to other volunteers
  • Coordination of arrival & program duration
  • Volunteer program confirmation letter
  • Assistance in visa application (organizing sponsorship letter)
  • Certificate of completion


Programs in Payangan:

600 EURO (4 weeks)

Each additional week: 70 Euro

Primary school in Ubud

510 EURO (4 weeks)

Each additional week: 60 Euro

All other volunteer programs

510 EURO (4 weeks)

Each additional week: 70 Euro

The program fee of 510 EURO or 600 EURO needs to be settled, after you have received you volunteer confirmation for your particular project.

The program fee covers our support for you while you are in Bali. It is designed to give you the most flexibility, while giving you a security for the first 4 weeks of your stay in Bali. It covers the first 4 weeks of your accommodation, so you will have a smooth start in Bali without thinking about which accommodation is available. If you would like to stay longer in your program, a fee of 70 Euro per week* applies, which includes accommodation an all our support.

The fee covers:

  • Visa assistance (incl. visa documents)
  • Airport pick-up
  • Welcome package
  • Indonesian SIM card number (Purchase and registration at GSM Provider Center)
  • Voucher for the first students dinner
  • Accommodation for the first 4 program weeks (standard varies according to area)
  • Introduction to the project at the first orientation day
  • Local contact person & support during your volunteer program
  • Project visits & satisfaction assessment
  • Information about events and intern meetings
  • Assistance with visa extension 
  • Donation to the program


Why should I pay for volunteering?

The decision, if you would like to choose volunteering with an agency or if you want to organize it by yourself, is all up to you. However, you should be aware of the pro's and con's of organizing a volunteer trip to Bali by yourself and have to know the benefits of an organization like ours. We are a team of young people, who have committed ourselves to providing full-time support for volunteers, who want to make sure, that their support is sustainable and valuable, while exploring Bali with like-minded people.

Can I stay longer then 4 weeks?

Yes! Some programs even have a minimum duration of 8 weeks. 

All programs are available up to a duration of 24 weeks (6 months)! After the first 4 weeks an additional fee of 70 Euro applies per week, which includes accommodation and all our service.

What does visa assistance mean?

Visa assistance means, that we will provide all the visa documents that you need to apply for your social visa. With these documents you can apply in your home country for your visa. Visa costs are not included in our service fee and need to be settled directly to your home embassy. While in Bali, we will also help you to arrange your visa extension after your first 60 days in Bali. This includes providing you with necessary contacts from visa agents and extension documents. The extension fees are not included in our service fee and need to be settled to the immigration office directly.

How to settle the registration fee?

You have the option to transfer the registration fee of 75 Euro or settle it via Paypal or Transferwise. If you chose Paypal please click the link below. For all other options, please see the back account details on our Registration Form.