Volunteer Accommodation in Payangan, Ubud

Volunteers participating in one of the programs in the village of Payangan, Ubud, are offered to live in well-maintained and good standard eco hotel. It took several years to raise the funds that where sufficient to built the hotel, which not now offers 10 guestrooms and a very cozy atmosphere. What differentiates this hotel from others is that it is completely integrated in the nature, culture, and the society of Bali. Unlike most hotels, it uses eco-friendly methods to reduce water and electricity usage as well as effectively sorting out waste that is produced.

Location & Directions:

The hotel is located in the famous Ayung River valley of Ubud. It is a part of a high school complex and is used as a hotel management training center. Thus, high school students have the opportunity to gain practical working experience along with their theoretical education.

  • Next small supermarket: 5 min
  • Next laundry: 3 min
  • Ubud center: 15 min
  • Sanur beach: 35 min


  • Single Bedrooms: 5
  • Shared Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathroom: each room has access to a private bathrooom
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