For Partners - Enhance your Business

Service - With increasing number of interests and applicants every month, we were able to optimize our services for the students, in order to make their experience abroad easily accessible, comfortable and most of all valuable.

Contacts - We are continuously maintaining the contacts to all of our projects and the communities concerned, to keep our database of internships and volunteer projects up to date and to figure out projects in need of students.

Focus - It is one of our top priorities to conduct small market researches to analyze the trends of interests. This is considered to be crucial to a targeted search for new projects. We always keep our eyes open for new organizations and companies, to offer a greater range of opportunities in various branches and to support Bali's communities. 

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Please feel free to request our partnership manual.

For Companies and Organizations

Having an intern in your company or orgnization is very beneficial for both sides. 

Inventory - Make an inventory on which internship tasks are possible and where you can use an extra hand.

Trainees - Do you need a trainee throughout the whole year? Take two trainees or interns on an annual basis and let the second trainee start in the last month of the first trainee. Then the trainees can instruct each other and this will cost you less time. Working with trainees offers you an ideal possibility of getting to know the person during the internship period, so you are able to employ the best trainee after that period

Beneficial - Students train the company! Don't believe it? Their main purpose is to raise their encouragement during their studies and are highly motivated to use their practical knowledge while working. Give them room for innovative ideas, your company maybe never thought of before.

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How to become a Host Company?

We provide companies and organizations enthusiastic and motivated interns who have academic skills and good education from their University back home. Interns and volunteers come to Bali voluntarily to complete an unpaid internship. 

Our applicants often have some relevant work experience from previous professional trainings. Interns are available full time for the assigned periods of time. Volunteers want to use their stay abroad to show their social commitment and to make their dreams of helping those in need come true.

Bali Internships offer services for these applicants prior coming to Bali. From university and internship contracts, visa information, visa extension, air port pickup, accommodation, introduction and local support. We provide full service to all of our interns and volunteers.

Host Company is required to submit:

Brief company's profile and an outline of internship description possibilities.

Complete legal paperwork from your company:

  •’s business license letter (SIUP and TDP)
  •’s tax file number (NPWP)
  •'s domicile (SKTU)

Host Company is required to provide:

  • Intern sponsorship for social visa
  • Mentorship and training for the student/intern in order to learn something or to complete their reports/final thesis report
  • Internship reference letter at the end of our student's internship.