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The Community Project is the most thankful place in the world


After the weekend I met the children of the Community Project and I am convinced that this is the greatest and the most thankful place in the world. Because of the project I learnt a lot about handling kids although we couldn´t really communicate. In the end I was really surprised about the way it worked out. Together with 3 other volunteers I played and draw a lot with the kids. I also taught them a little bit of English. A highlight of my work was the swimming. Sunhee the founder of the project invited us every second Friday to her home so the kids could practice a little bit of swimming. After swimming they cook really well for us. Another unforgettable experience was the trip to the Turtle Center. The kids were allowed to release little baby turtles into the ocean and also learned a lot about the environmental pollution in Bali.


Live your life


I just worked 3 hours per day so I could see a lot of the island.  During the week we used our leisure time for surfing, relaxing at the beach or shopping. You never get bored in Bali. At weekends we often went to the beautiful beaches in the south of Bali. There you could chill out and watch the pro surfers. The very highlight of my stay was the 3 day dive course to which my house mates convinced me. At the beginning I was really afraid but in the end it was just awesome.

If you go to Bali don´t miss out on Ubud. The rice fields are so beautiful and the landscape is unforgettable. We also did a Balinese cooking course which allows me to put a Balinese flavour into my German kitchen.


Friendly balinese people


During my stay I noticed the great friendliness of the Balinese which tried the entire time to make everything as comfortable as possible. It doesn´t matter where you go everyone will welcome you warm-hearted. The culture is very interesting, so it´s a good way to explore it by visiting ceremonies or temples. Especially the easy way of travelling (of course you have to adapt to the way of driving a scooter and to the crazy traffic) facilitates a lot of things and gives you a good feeling.