Volunteer testimonials from Bali




Turtle conservation

Lea reports:
The project in the turtle conservation center was a perfect possibility to combine my interests in animals, social work and also into travelling.  I have learnt so much and I met so many nice people. I can recommend this project or any other on Bali to everybody.

Testimonial turtle conservation




Community Service

Anna reports:
In the end I can only say that I don't want to miss any of the experiences which I have made during this time! The trip and the work with the children helped me to become opener and more courageous and my interest in other cultures was triggered.

Testimonial volunteer in community center




Pre-school Kerobokan

Julia reports:
Volunteering was an incredible experience for me and Indonesia is a beautiful country. I hope to come back soon and will keep the memories I made there and the people I met there in good memory.

Testimonial volunteering in a pre-school




Community Service

Christina reports:
At the beginning of the year I told myself that I have to do something meaningful during my semester break. Therefore I applied for a volunteer job in Ketewel , the Community Project. This really was one of the best decisions of my life. 

Volunteering in Ketewel




Orphanage in Karangasem

Tjacko reports:
My main tasks were: helping with cooking, doing the laundry, working in the garden, cutting banana and papaya leafs, feeding the chickens, bringing and fetching the kids from school or to teach them English or Mathematics.

Volunteering in Karangasem

Turtle conservation 

Alexa, interview from a newspaper:
“I wanted to go far away in my holidays to experience a new culture and to help in an environment project. I decided to choose Bali because I was there 15 years ago due to my studies. This time I was hoping for more intensive insights which I got a lot.”

Interview with Alexa

Orphanage in Karangasem

Stefanie reports:
I came to the orphanage in Karangasem without a clear idea about what to expect. After being picked up from the airport and a direct and very funny car ride to Karangasem, we ran into a place full of open-hearted people, great kids and lovely staff. 

Volunteering in Karangasem




Volunteering teaching

Jan reports:
During my semester break I wanted to do social work. On the one hand to challenge myself and on the other hand to help social disadvantaged children. In my opinion this was just the right time because at the beginning of my studies there was enough time to do this.

Volunteering in different schools

Volunteering teaching

Jana reports:
We worked in two different schools. One was a private school the other one a public school. In both schools they welcomed us warmhearted so i directly felt like a part of it. I had a lot of fun in working with the kids and also really liked how they appreciate our support.

Volunteer teaching

Orphanage in Denpasar

Janina reports:
After graduating from high school I wanted to do something meaningful before I eventually will start studying. Hence, I decided to volunteer on the beautiful island of Bali for 8 weeks. I applied for this volunteer program in the orphanage in Denpasar at the beginning of this year.

Care volunteer in Denpasar




Women education

Maike reports:
When I told family and friends I was going to spend six month on an Indonesian Island, the response I got most was: „Bali. Beaches. Beer.“ What I really experienced was: „Wise, Wonderful, Wholehearted.“



Volunteering at an NGO

Orphanage in Karangasem

Theresa reports:
The experience is hard to express only by words but I will do my very best to give you an insight of my time on Bali with my Balinese family as I call all the people I met volunteering there and enclosed in my heart forever.


Volunteering in Karangasem

Pre-school in Kerobokan

Svenja reports:
Escaping the cold and the monotony of everyday life was my motivation as I searched for opportunities to get new experiences throughout my semester break. During my research in the internet, I found a volunteering project in a Balinese pre-school/primary school which made me curious. 

Volunteering pre-school



Orphanage in Jimbaran

Julia reports:

I’ll never forget the little girl that welcomed me when I arrived at the orphanage: she took my hand and led me into the house. Immediately I’ve taken the cute little girl to my heart and felt comfortable there from the very beginning. The orphanage is quiet small, sheltering eight wonderful children aged from 1-10. 

Volunteering in Jimbaran

Orphanage in Jimbaran

Sarah reports:

I’m really grateful for the opportunity that was given to me – being part of this wonderful family for 10 weeks. I can tell that these were the most important, instructive and exciting 10 weeks I’ve ever had. I’m also proud of myself having decided to dedicate my strength, time and energy to this lovely family. 

Volunteering in Jimbaran

Pre-school in Nusa Dua

Marisa reports:

If you would ask me to describe my whole stay in Bali with one word only, the word would probably be “amazing“. “Amazing” perfectly describes every single feature of Bali, landscapes, beaches, every single detail.

Volunteering in Nusa Dua

Teaching English in Ubud

Svea reports:

The time I spent on Bali was definitely the best of my life and I don’t want to miss it under any circumstances. We can learn a lot from the Balinese people and so they can do from us. 

Volunteering in Ubud



Volunteering in Tourism Vocational High School

Mona reports:
I took part in the project of the tourism High school in Payangan/ Ubud. I have chosen this school because I wanted to experience...

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Volunteering in an orphanage

Katharina reports:

Perfect start

Tired from the flight and the car driving I arrived at the Orphanage in Karang Asem. I was overwhelmed of all the new impressions...

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