Feedback and reports about an internship in Bali

We always do our best that you will enjoy your experience with Bali Internships. The voice of our participants is very important for us as we need to see ourselves from another perspective. It will help us to improve our services. Well, have a look on some reports of former interns about their internship in Bali and see how we did.



Photography internship at photo-art community

Viki reports:
As I flew to Bali I could probably never imagine that I will organize my own photography exhibition this summer. It was a completely new and enriching experience for me. I appreciate the help and cooperation of everybody who has supported me in the last weeks.

Testimonial photography internship




Journalism internship at a newspaper

Clara reports:
During the period that I was an intern in  the Magazine I learnt a lot, not only about how to improve my writing skills and my English level but about how to get used to the life in Island, how to deal with unexpected situations and, especially, how to be patient and sort the good from the bad. 

Testimonial journalism internship




Marketing internship at a dive center

Tommy reports:
Now i'm back in my home country and I can easily say that my 6 months internship in Bali was one of the best experiences in my life. The Balinese people are by far the friendliest people i have ever met, and their culture and beliefs interests me a lot.

Testimonial dive center internship




Internship at a surf magazine

Jonas reports:
The time as intern was the whole time really interesting and exciting and I learned so many new things about journalism but also about myself and life in general. The Balinese mentality inspired me to be a better person as Balinese people are really friendly and helpful.

Testimonial surf magazine internship