Information about your stay in Bali

Here you can find every information about your stay abroad in Bali. In addition to some facts about the island we provide information about our team, accommodation, visa and much more.


Getting ready for Bali

Getting the right visa for Bali is not as hard as it seems to be. Here's a step to step guide.

Visa for Bali

From what to pack to what to expect – here's how to prepare for your trip to Bali.


Travel planning Bali

You get interesting and important information about the beautiful island of Bali, its people and culture.

General information about Bali



Living in Bali

There are many different types of accommodations in Bali you can choose from.

Accommodation in Bali

The island Bali offers you a wide range of exciting leisure time and wonderful sights you can visit.  

Activities in Bali

How much will you spend on food, activities and everyday life in Bali? We broke down all the expenses you need to consider in Bali.

Living expenses in Bali



What others say

Read what former volunteers think about their daily work at their project and about Bali.

Volunteer testimonials

Read about the experiences of former intern in their host company in Bali and get a better understanding of an internship in Bali. 

Internship testimonials



Get inspired by our little collection of interviews, short movies and documentaries about the programs.



About us

We are keen to design your internship and volunteer experience as affordable as possible for you.

Internship Placement Fees


Volunteer Placement Fees

We understand the importance of protecting the rights and safety of the children in our host programs. 

Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct

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