How to Apply for an Internship or Volunteer Program in Bali

Get in contact with us!

Approval & Application Form

Settle a registration fee

Skype interview

Confirmation & visa application

Flights & travel preparation

1. Get inspired & get in contact with us

Get familiar with the volunteer and internship positions and let us know:

- which program you are interested in

- when you like to participate

- how long you would like to participate

2. Approval & Application Form

We will review your request and get back to you within 2 working days. After our approval you will receive our registration form via email or download it here, which needs to be filled out and send back with the requested documents:

Volunteer Application

- CV

- Motivational letter

- Copy of your passport

- Letter of Consent

- Criminal record

Internship application

- CV + references

- Motivational letter

- Copy of your passport

- Letter of Consent

3. Registration Fee

Once you settled your registration fee of 75 Euros, everything gets more real and your placement starts.

4. Skype Interview

We will arrange your Skype/phone call interview with your host company, or with your volunteer coordinator, if you have applied for a volunteer position. All internship applicants are given three different host companies, respectively, in case of internship proposal rejection.

5. Confirmation & visa application

After the skype interview and successful acceptance by the host company or host organization we will prepare your volunteer confirmation or internship contract and provide the documents that you will need to apply for your visa.

6. Payment, flight booking & travel preparation

Upon the confirmation you will receive an invoice of the remaining placement fee. You can now start to book your flights and prepare your travel with the help of our Bali guide handouts.






Available Downloads:





Helpful Facts:

1. Volunteer program: apply at least 8 weeks before your desired arrival in Bali.

2. Internship: apply at least 10 weeks before your desired arrival in Bali.

3. All applicants need to apply for a Social Budaya Visa.



Why do we ask for a Criminal Record?

The safety of the children is our number one concern. In addition to sending us the criminal records volunteer need to abide by the Bali Internship Child Protection Policy. 

Is the registration fee refundable?

Yes, if the Skype interview has not take place yet, your registration fee is refundable. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.