Marketing, Sales, and Tour Assistant Internship at a Sustainable Transportation and Tour Company

This new fun and fast growing trading and tour company operates in Singapore, Indonesia (Bali), and Timor-Leste (Dili). The company's mission is to create a new eco-friendly lifestyle by distributing and promoting light and foldable electric scooters. Their customers comprise individual persons of almost all age groups as well as hotels, tour operators and rental businesses. The company’s goals for 2018 includes the extensions of their operations in Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

Their work is determined by constantly refining their products to adjust them to the individual needs of their main markets, to organize or participate in events related to electric scooters and to support a kindergarten and school project in Lombok. To reach this goal, they are planning to establish a license network with other companies being interested in distributing, renting, or maintaining their products for or with the company.

Internship Details

Your Tasks (Depending on your field of studies)

  • Assisting in creating draft contracts with the company's suppliers and business partners in English.
  • Assisting in creating draft or editing a Code of Conduct for users and distributors in Indonesia in English.
  • Assisting in preparing social media marketing campaigns in English.
  • Organising promotion events.
  • Helping out as sales and/or promotion staff.
  • Responsible for the social media accounts.
  • Visiting potential clients to present the company's products.
  • Doing translation work (e.g. product descriptions) from English into Bahasa Indonesia.


  • Must be at least 20 years old
  • Should study anything related to the tasks mentioned above (law, business, tourism, marketing, etc)
  • Fluent in English (speaking and writing)
  • Having Bahasa Indonesia skills would be an advantage, but not necessary
  • Able to work independently and to work in an international team


Minimum duration of 4 weeks


Canggu, Bali


  • Electric scooter and a bicycle helmet (please be informed that driving scooter is the most convenience way to get around in Indonesia)
  • Evaluation form in English
  • Great personal experience from business, law, marketing, or tourism mentor(s)